About Us


Superior Steel Detailing

Superior West Engineering offers a unique set of skills primarily in the metal fabrication realm.  We have many years of experience in the metal fabrication industry in both manufacturing and design.

As a result, we have shown great success in working with companies to not only offer our design and detailing services, but also to help them improve their operations efficiencies. 

The steel detailing side of the business began as Superior Steel Detailing, but soon evolved into Superior West Engineering to more accurately reflect the type of work that was being done.

When you choose to work with Superior West Engineering, you get over 50 years of experience behind your project.

We maintain offices in both Washington state and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


  • We Respond!
  • Knowledge of fabrication process
  • Attention to detail
  • We tailor our work to your needs.
  • We do complex - we are not afraid of complex structures or challenges!
  • Flexible
  • Quick turn


Structural Steel Detailing

Marshall - Red River


Superior West isn’t your standard steel detailing company. Their intimate understanding of efficiency and abundance of ideas, all poured into the design, has saved us a lot of money. I would recommend them to any innovative, forward thinking job shop, fab shop or manufacturer.

Les - Timberland

Superior West has detailed a lot of complicated structural and architectural steel projects for us in the past 7 years and all have turned out great. Communication is amazing and attention to detail are second to none and we are appreciative of the past work they have done as well as the work that we are currently doing together. We have used internal detailing as well as many different steel detailing companies and Superior West is our “go to” detailer for all projects. They have saved us time and money on projects because of their expertise in this field.