Structural steel detailing is one of our core competencies.  Our background is in engineering and fabrication, so we pay special attention to how each job is produced and erected.

Since we use custom developed software for our structural steel detailing, we maintain a high degree of flexibility in how we present our work.  We are not confined to do only what canned software packages can produce.  

And best of all, everything we do is in 3D so you can be confident that you are getting the most accurate design possible.  In addition, we are able to share our models with you so you can see the entire project in 3D.  This allows you to take measurements, view from any angle, zoom in to get a good view of connection design, etc.

Turn-around time is second to none.  We understand that when there is an issue, you want an answer now - not tomorrow or next week.  Many times we are able to turn revisions in hours or days vs. weeks.

Curved structures, complex structures, canopies, stairs, miscellaneous steel, architectural metal, cross laminated timber - you name it we can do it.